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Binyamin Netanyahu
Israeli Protesters March against Netanyahu
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report August 5, 2011

The presence of the many-faceted political campaign strategist Ron Weber behind the spreading Israeli street campaign for "social equality" raises suspicions in Jerusalem that alien hands are stirring the pot to overturn the Netanyahu government.

Big commecial center of Aleppo marches against Assad
Panicked Syrian officials evacuate families
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report April 14, 2011

Damascus was alive with rumors Thursday, April 14 that President Bashar Assad and his family were preparing to flee to Saudi Arabia. They were, sparked by the discovery that several high-ranking Syrian officials and army officers were evacuating their families to Persian Gulf emirates. US officials also disclosed Iran was secretly helping Assad crack down on his own people. Syrian authorities and opposition are bracing for their next test of strength Friday, April 15, amid signs of panic in Assad regime.

His minority Allawites challenged by Sunni majority
To survive, Assad must stop Sunni unrest infecting army
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis March 26, 2011

The Syrian ruler faces an unexpected Sunni revolt against his minority Allawite regime which is spreading fast and cannot be suppressed without using his Sunni-dominated military. Will Assad call on Tehran for help? Or Hizballah? Or the pro-Iranian radical Palestinian organizations? Or focus on saving Damascus? Those are the dilemmas facing him this week unless he stages a diversion by heating up the border with Israel. 

Protesters call on Assad to go
Assad blockades disaffected Syrian areas
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 21, 2011

In an effort to contain spreading popular disorders against his regime, Syrian President Bashar Assad Monday, March 21, sent the 4th Armored Division commanded by his younger brother Maher Assad to suppress the three-day uprising in Darra (Deraa). The troops have also severed the South from Damascus and Jabal ad-Duruz where a demonstration is planned for March 26.
The White House condemned Syrian violence after 20 demonstrators were killed, 300 injured, by tear gas and live ammunition fire.

Israeli soldiers and Palestinian protesters
IDF on top alert for Palestinian Day of Rage spillover
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 14, 2011

Though divided between Hamas-ruled Gaza and Fatah-ruled Ramallah, the Palestinians        are holding protests in both places against both their governments Tuesday, March 15, demanding that they heal the rift and reconnect the two territories.  

debkafile's military sources report that Israel's military and police are on the highest state of preparedness lest the demonstrators storm out of Palestinian towns on the West Bank and Gaza Strip and rampage against nearby Israeli communities and towns.

Heavy security forces face first small demos
First Saudi Day of Rage flops, protesters to try again Friday
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 7, 2011

Saudi protesters tried to grab limelight of Middle East by bringing forward its Day of Rage demos by four days to Monday, March 7. However, the organizers failed. debkafile's sources report exclusively that they had planned to start the demonstrations against the Saudi throne in the western and southern regions Monday. This was to have build up to a powerful climax in Riyadh and across the kingdom Friday and execute the scenario most feared by the Saudi throne: a mainstream-Shiite protest merger.

Young Iranian protester dies of bullet wound
Iran roils Bahrain to stir Saudi, Gulf Shiite revolts, executes own protesters
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 17, 2011

Tanks rolled into Pearl Square, Manama, early Thursday, Feb. 17, personally commanded by King Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa, hours after his police failed to break up a protest rally. At least four protesters were killed and dozens injured. debkafile: Unlike the other uprisings sweeping the region, Tehran is dabbling hard in Bahrain with an eye on Shiite revolts in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf. At home, Iran is expanding executions of protesters.

Iranian protesters hope to gather momentum
Iran stops Turkish president greeting protesters
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 14, 2011

Monday night, Feb. 14, Iranian Basij heavies were still beating up thousands of anti-regime protesters who turned out in the streets of 30 cities during the day for the opposition's first substantial demonstration since 2009. In Tehran, one demonstrator was shot dead and two injured. debkafile reports exclusively that visiting Turkish president Abdullah Gul wanted to meet and greet them but Mahmound Ahmadinejad stopped him. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also voiced support for the Iranian protesters.


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