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ISIS Upbeat after New Tactic Slows US Military Assault on Mosul
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report April 27, 2017

Small units armed with dozens of bomb cars are forcing US, Iraqi troops to fall back.

Elevated security for Jerusalem Marathon. Alert for Palestinian car bombs
DEBKAfile Special Report March 13, 2016

Extra soldiers, police and other security personnel are to be drafted in to secure the annual Jerusalem marathon taking place next Friday (March 18). Intelligence authorities are preparing for Palestinian terrorists to use the event for a another surge of violence after hitting three Israeli towns during US Vice President Joe Biden’s two-day visit last week. They are on the lookout for drive-by shootings from moving cars or even the first Palestinian car bombings.

New York remains on high security
The failed Time Square bombing exposed misconceptions
DEBKAfile DEBKA Weekly May 4, 2010

Its tardy identification as a terror conspiracy laid bare the fundamental flaws in the Obama administration's Afghan War policy and the misconceptions at the heart of US methods for combating international terror.

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Times Square in lockdown
Times Square sequel to botched terror by Shoe-bomber Reid, Abdulmutallab
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis May 2, 2010

New York and other US cities are on high terror alert after the failed car bomb attempt to blow up Times Square, New York, Saturday night, May 1. Our terror experts note the similarity in methods of operation between this failed attack and two past bungled al Qaeda attempts to cause massive loss of American life: The British "shoe bomber" Richard Reid in 2002 and the Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on Christmas Day 2009.  New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg said the wiring "looked amateurish."


Time Square, New York, evacuated
NY Mayor Bloomberg: A deadly event prevented
DEBKAfile Special Report May 2, 2010

New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters how the police evacuated the heart of Times Square, New York, for several hours Saturday night, May 1 when a smoking bomb car was found there. Shortly after a street vendor alerted the police to smoke coming out of a parked Nissan SUV, the NYPD bomb squad secured an unexploded car bomb improvised from 3 propane tanks, 2 gasoline containers, electric wire, white powder, consumer grade fireworks, electrical wiring and two clocks.

5 articles tagged "car bomb" :

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