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USS Theodore Roosevelt heads to Yemen
US-Iranian naval collision building up in Gulf of Aden
DEBKAfile Special Report April 21, 2015

The US and Iran may be heading for a naval face-off over Yemen.  Monday night, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, known as “The Big Stick,” set out for the Gulf of Aden to join the American naval force building up to intercept any Iranian vessels carrying arms for Yemen’s Houthi rebels. The Roosevelt Strike Group 12 was dispatched from the Persian Gulf to underline Washington’s resolve to pre-empt any attempt by Iranian warships to break the Saudi-Egyptian sea blockade of Yemen, as well as deepening US involvement in the Saudi-led operation against Iranian-backed rebel forces.

King Salman Reverts to Ties with Conservative Clergy, Cold Shoulders US
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 5, 2015

King Salman appears to be reverting to past royal ties with the conservative clergy and undoing his predecessor Abdullah’s cautious modern reforms in domestic policy.

Iranian president and nuclear negotiators cheered at home
Jerusalem, Riyadh stunned: Obama makes Iran 7th world power on regional issues, including Palestinians
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report November 25, 2013

debkafile exclusive: President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have secretly consented to elevate Iran to the status of seventh world power, for signing the interim nuclear accord in Geneva on Nov. 24, living up to its obligations in the coming six months and then signing a comprehensive agreement. While demanding respect as a regional power, never in its wildest dreams did Tehran expect big power standing with a recognized authoritative role in the wider Middle East, including the Palestinian issue. Jerusalem and Riyadh are aghast.

In better times
Deep US-Saudi rift over Egypt: Abdullah turns to Tehran
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 10, 2011

The conversation between President Barack Obama and Saudi King Abdullah early Thursday, Feb. 10, was the most acerbic the US president has ever had with an Arab ruler, debkafile's sources report. Their falling out on the Egyptian crisis so enraged the king that some US and Middle East sources reported he suffered a sudden heart attack. Rumors of his death rocked world financial and oil markets that morning and were denied by an adviser to the ruling family.

Barack Obama and King Abdullah
King Abdullah Demands Direct US Action to Halt Iran's Nuclearization - or Else…
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report July 2, 2010

The Obama-Abdullah talks were presented as businesslike and constructive, whereas they turned into a wrestling match over Iran and Riyadh's own nuclear armament plans. Their differences proved unbridgeable.

US nuclear-capable Trident ballistic missile
ME game-changer: US nuclear shield for Saudis, Gulf emirates
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis April 1, 2010

A submarine-launched US ballistic Trident missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads was test-fired from Saudi territory during a joint military exercise last week -  the first time a nuclear-capable missile was fired from the oil kingdom toward the Persian Gulf and Iranian shores.  A US defense spokesman denied the Trident's launch Wednesday, April 1, but Saudi security sources stand by the report.


US Warns Egypt and Israel of Al Qaeda Threat: Chemical or Marine Terror Possible
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report December 14, 2004
At the beginning of December, Washington warned Jerusalem and Cairo of a planned major al Qaeda attack in one of their cities - possibly even with chemical weapons. In addition, the Americans and the British warned Israel and Egypt to beware of large-scale maritime strikes in the Mediterranean, Gulf of Aqaba, the Red Sea or the Suez Canal. One possible method is the familiar one of suicides aboard speedboats crammed with explosives ramming merchant vessels and oil tankers; but another way could be to hijack vessels and scuttle them in the Suez Canal to block the international waterway. This stratagem would create international havoc. Even if it failed, marine insurance premiums in these waterways would rise and sea freight rates would shoot up on the routes from China to the West. Washington issued its warning after analyzing the October 7 al Qaeda attack on three Sinai resorts in which 34 people died and its aftermath.
Bush-Abdullah Talks - to Paper Over Cracks?
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report April 21, 2002
Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah's decision to shut Prince Sultan air base east of Riyadh to US forces - and the manner in which the US evacuation was carried out -are a landmark in the oil kingdom's history. Never before has Saudi Arabia taken sole charge of its own security. The gesture effectively ditched the US umbrella protecting the kingdom, its oil fields and the royal family for more than 60 years, posing five sensitive questions to be addressed when President George W. Bush and Saudi Crown Abdullah meet at the presidential ranch in Crawford, Texas, on April 24:
Khobar Indictments Strain Saudi-US Relations
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 25, 2001
The Saudis are taking up the cudgel for their affronted sovereignty against a 46-count indictment issued by the US federal grand jury on June 21, five years after the truck bombing at the Khobar Towers apartment building in Dahran, Saudi Arabia, that killed 10 American airmen and wounded nearly 400 in 1996. The indictments cite 13 Saudi citizens and a Lebanese man, said to be members of the anti-American "Saudi Hizballah" (or Hizballah Hijaz) dedicated to driving Americans out of the kingdom.
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