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An ISIS tunnel in Mosul
New ISIS mobile tactics against US in Syria, Iraq
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis May 8, 2017

The Islamic State's strategists are confident they have found a convincing tactical answer to the assaults on their strongholds by using tunnel warfare and small mobile detachment armed with multiple car bombs..

US drops MOAB first time in combat in Afghanistan
DEBKAfile Special Report April 13, 2017

The US Thursday, April 13, dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in its arsenal, the 21,000lb Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB), in Afghanistan on an ISIS target in the Nangathar Province east of Kabul. This was the first time it was used in combat. 

US Army Chinook
Navy SEALs unit which killed Bin Laden loses 22 men in Afghan helicopter crash
DEBKAfile Special Report August 6, 2011

In a signal strategic achievement, the Afghan Taliban shot down a US helicopter killing 31 US troops and 7 Afghan commandos in the rugged Wardak province east of Kabul early Saturday, Aug. 5 – the single largest US loss of life in the Afghan War. Among the dead were 22 members of the elite Navy SEAL Six, the same unit which killed Osama bin Laden in May. debkafile:The Taliban has developed methods for attacking US choppers with the non-sophisticated RPG.

Barack Obama and Gen. David Petraeus
New US Tactics in Afghanistan Unrelated to Europe Terror Alert
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 7, 2010

Afghanistan commander Gen. David Petraeus, CIA chief Leon Panetta and counterterrorism adviser John Brennan designed the offensive in North Afghanistan to be accompanied by a terror scare in Europe. It misfired because the three members of this band did not play the same tune.

US Marines battle Taliban in Helmand, Afghanistan
Who leaked the confidential US documents?
DEBKAfile DEBKA Weekly July 27, 2010

Who profited from dropping 91,000 confidential documents in the lap of Wikileaks.org website this week?
Why only classified US military documents? And how does the leak tie in with the undercover Washington-London feud in Barak Obama's term in office?
DEBKA-Net-Weekly digs deep for sources and motivations in its coming issue out Friday, July 30
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Iran's first cruise missile Nasr-1
Gates visits Kabul, beats Ahmadinejad to the post
DEBKAfile Special Report March 8, 2010

Despite Tehran's denial, president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delayed his trip to Kabul by 48 hours when US defense secretary Robert Gates arrived suddenly in the Afghan capital Monday, March 8.
The Iranian president had set the scene for his visit by accusing the US of "fabricating" 9/11 as a pretext for invading Afghanistan and unveiling new missile production lines.

US Marines in Helmand
Victory eludes key US-led operation in S. Afghanistan
DEBKAfile Special Report March 1, 2010

The US-British-Afghan force out to capture the Helmand provincial town of Marjah is still wide of its mark.

Its control does not go much beyond the municipal center and main police stations. But the Taliban has shown only minor resistance, saving its strength for the major showdowns ahead, most likely in Kandahar.

7 articles tagged "US-Afghanistan" :

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