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Israel Braces for Iraqi Terror Assault Tuesday
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report January 14, 2002
While pointing a sharply accusing finger at Iran, Israel suddenly finds itself on a high terror alert against an imminent terror threat from Iraq, timed for January 15 or thereabouts. Israeli security authorities are taking into account that Baghdad is capable of striking through its Palestinian terrorist surrogates.
Israel and US Belatedly Discover Iran-Palestinian Menace
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report January 13, 2002
The combined Iranian-Palestinian-Hizballah strategic threat to Israeli's security, made so much of by Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon - and echoed by Israel's senior defense and intelligence officials - did not drop out of the sky when the Karine-A arms ship was intercepted ten days ago.
Arafat Intensifies Terror Collaboration with Hizballah
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report November 25, 2001
By this act, Arafat and Nasrallah jumped the gun on the American war on terror. Instead of waiting for the United States to open its second front in the Middle East, the pair moved ahead with their combined terrorist front. In the face of the Bush administration's caution to world leaders to sever their ties with terrorist groups and fight them, Arafat is cementing his relations with a group listed in Washington as a terrorism organization.
Islamic Master Bomber
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report November 24, 2001
Mahmoud Abu Hanoud, senior West Bank commander of the Islamist Hamas military arm, evaded every Israeli attempt to capture him for more than six years, the while planning and executing some of the most excruciating terrorist attacks ever inflicted on Israeli civilians. They included most recently the Tel Aviv disco bombing in June in which 20 teenagers died and the August pizzeria bombing outrage in Jerusalem, which left 15 people dead.
Arafat Will Not Let Palestinian Terror Disappear from World TV Screens
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report November 5, 2001
Forced under US and European pressure to reduce the heat in Bethlehem and Beit Jala, to the south of Jerusalem, he turns it at the northern end of the city - but not only there. Largely unreported, the Palestinian have ringed fresh targets in the western Negev inside Israel. For the last few days, Palestinian firing positions in Gaza have been shelling Israeli towns, villages, kibbutzim and army bases with mortars and the new homemade Palestinian rocket, Kassem-1.
Mughniyeh - Linked Also to Arafat
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report November 4, 2001
Up until 1982, when he burst on the Shiite terrorist world of Beirut, Mughniye was a member of Yasser Arafat's personal guard, Force 17, when the Fatah group was one of the fiercest warring militias of the savage Lebanese civil war.
How European Taxpayer Funds Arafat's Payroll for Terror
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 31, 2001
On October 30, four days before an economic conference on the Middle East is due to open at Palma de Majorca, Germany announced it was transferring to the Palestinian Authority the sum of 250 million Deutschmarks. It may therefore be of interest to find out how the Middle East economy looks from the perspective of the Palestinian West Bank hub town of Ramallah, in the light of new discoveries revealed to debkafileby high-placed intelligence sources.
Hadera Retargeted for Palestinian Terror
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 29, 2001
The small provincial town of Hadera has the bad luck to be situated on Israel's narrow waist between the Mediterranean and the West Bank - minutes away from the Palestinian towns of Jenin ("SuicideCity") and Tulkarm. Hardly a month goes by without a Palestinian terrorist attack in its small, crowded downtown. Sunday's was one of the worst.
Assassinate Attempt on Israeli Minister's Life
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 17, 2001
Police sources report that the Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi, 75, was shot three times at close range in the corridor of his hotel room at the Hyatt Hotel on French Hill in Jerusalem, as he came up from breakfast shortly before 7 am. His wife found him lying unconscious on the floor. Two bullets entered his head, believed to have come from a silenced gun. Hadassah doctors are fighting for his life.
Terrorist Theory Preferred
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 6, 2001
The Russian inquiry has always leaned towards the terrorist theory as the cause of the Siberian Airlines 1812 crash into the Black Sea last Thursday, October 4, in which all 67Israel passengers and 11 crew aboard were killed. Russian spokesmen played up the Ukrainian missile theory out of political considerations, although they were perfectly aware of the weighty technical counter-arguments against a stray Ukrainian missile having downed the Tel Aviv-Novosibirsk Tu 154.
Washington Shakes Big Stick on Way to War
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 16, 2001
debkafile's Washington sources report that, although the White House and secretary of state Colin Powell are conducting intensive diplomatic bargaining to broaden the US-led bloc for the coming military offensive against the international terror blight, Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney are determined to march on the enemy without waiting for the bargaining to run its course.
The Die Is Cast - But It Will Be a Long Haul
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 15, 2001
The United States if going to war to avenge itself for the catastrophic hijack-suicide attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The first stage of the conflict, according to initial, conservative estimates, could last two to three years. Its success will determine the scope and timeframe of the second phase.
Two Youths Found Dead
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report May 9, 2001
Wednesday morning, the 220nd day of Yasser Arafat's "Al Aqsa Intifada", Israelis woke up to a fresh horror in a week filled with intensified bloodshed and terror: Two 14-year old youths, Kobi Mendel and Yosef Ishran, the day after they went missing, were found brutally stabbed, beaten and stoned to death in a cave behind their homes in Tekoah, near Bethlehem, in the popular Judean Wilderness trekking site of Wadi Haritoun.
Advanced Israel Defensive Preparations for New War Escalation
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report May 9, 2001
Israel's defense authorities are seriously preparing for extreme contingencies such as Palestinian missile attacks on the main international airfield or airliners in flight; mortar or Katyusha rocket attacks - not on a Gaza Strip settlement, but on a main Jerusalem Street, a Kfar Saba suburb, shopping centers in Hadera and Modi'in, and any other part of the Tel Aviv conurbation.Areas of the country that have not so far felt the sharp edge of the war launched by the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat seven months ago will suddenly wake up. Life in Greater Tel Aviv will change - men in uniform will fill the streets instead of shoppers, public shelters will be opened, emergency wards set up in hospitals, commerce will suffer and night revelers will stay home, abandoning the bright lights to cruising police, fire fighters and troops.
Upsurge in Terrorism Worldwide
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report May 2, 2001
In 2000, terrorist attacks increased by 8 percent, the number of persons killed rose by 74 percent, from 233 to 405. Nineteen were US citizens - 17 sailors of the USS Cole who died in an explosion in the port of Aden in 2000. This year's list of seven sponsor-states of terrorism was unchanged: Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria, with Iran remaining the most active - particularly in sponsoring Palestinian groups against Israel.
The Wadi Ara Taxi Bombing Was Preventable
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 2, 2001
The Wadi Ara Highway Thursday March 1, in which Claude Kanfu, 27, an instructor for the blind, was killed and 9 people were injured including the terrorists, might possibly have been pre-empted had Israel's Shin Beit Security service performed as well as necessary and enjoyed better rapport with the police. In two previous terrorist incidents, the police were caught off guard. Therefore, the security service decided this time to manage the operation on its own - from first to last. One disaster, the bombing in Tel Aviv was successfully pre-empted; the highway explosion was not.
Masoud Ayyad's Slaying Severed Dangerous Palestinian-Hizballah Link
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 14, 2001
Only a fragmentary picture of the exploits of Masoud Ayyad, colonel in Yasser Arafat's elite Force 17 and his contact man with the Lebanese Shiite Hizballah, emerge from the official disclosures. He is described by Israeli military spokesmen as having spent last summer in Lebanon, set up the Palestinian link with the Shiite militants and returned to Gaza with his son, who is detained in Israel, last September(when the current confrontation erupted). Since then he has been engaged in running arms and fighting men from Lebanon into Gaza Strip. In the last fortnight, Ayyad is held responsible for the mortar shelling of the Jewish settlement of Netzarim. Palestinian spokesmen are even less forthcoming. The express surprise that so senior a Palestinian officer in Arafat's praetorian guard developed with an Iran-sponsored group. One Palestinian reporter even suggested the Palestinians were secretly grateful to Israel for getting rid of him.
Does the Slaying of the Late Cahane's Son in 2000 Fit Into a Wider Picture - Like That of His Father in 1990?
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report December 31, 2000
Although they died ten years apart, both father and son, Meir and Binyamin Zeev Cahane, were killed in circumstances concurrent with, or linked to, apparently unconnected events. The son, who faithfully followed his father's anti-Arab, ultra-nationalist precepts, attempted in 1994 to revive the banned Jewish Defense league and Kach in the form of a group called "Cahane Hai" (Cahane Lives). That movement, like its predecessors, was outlawed for incitement to violence against Arabs, its founder jailed more than once. Since the eruption of the Palestinian uprising last September, the movement has enjoyed a revival - chiefly in the form of the graffiti, "Cahane Was Right!"
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