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Al Qaeda Reinvented Strikes Nairobi with New Modus Operandi and Elite Force
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 27, 2013

Al Qaeda showed a new face in Nairobi, multinational, cohesive, highly-trained in commando tactics for operation with machine-like precision.

It Took Two Years or More to Set up Al Qaeda’s Westgate Mall Raid
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 27, 2013

Al Qaeda prepared the Nairobi strike on four continents with networks for surveillance and smuggled ammo on site for a protracted siege.

The Al Qaeda Attack on Nairobi: A US, Israeli Intelligence Failure
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 27, 2013

The Mossad and the CIA were both caught napping by Al Qaeda’s Nairobi raid with great loss of credibility for missing the signs.

CCTV footage of Nairobi mall under terror control
Kenya blames US, Israeli intelligence for no heads-up on Nairobi attack
DEBKAfile Special Report September 26, 2013

President Uhuru Kenyatta is quoted as blaming the United States and Israel in private conversation for their undercover agencies’ failure to prevent the major terrorist attack on Nairobi’s Westgate shopping mall on Sept. 21. He counted on them for a heads-up, only to find they were as much in the dark as Nairobi. Israeli security sources are digging hard to find out how Al Qaeda spies conducted surveillance forays in the mall – and even smuggled in large stocks of ammo –  without Israel intelligence detecting them or sounding the alarm.

A Kenyan soldier takes cover from terrorist fire
Al Qaeda’s Nairobi mall strike more sophisticated than 9/11
DEBKAfile DEBKA Weekly September 24, 2013

Al Qaeda’s attack on the Westgate shopping mall was minutely prepared in two years of intelligence-gathering, detailed planning and multinational recruitment spreading over four continents – North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. This complex, sophisticated and labor-intensive terrorist operation was an eye-opener, showing how far Al Qaeda had upgraded its capabilities since Sept. 11, 2001. Yet no Western counterterrorism agency saw it coming. The DEBKA Weekly issue out next Friday exposes in detail and analyses the shocking scope of the Nairobi attack.

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Terrorist attack in Nairobi mall
Israeli commando force joins Kenyan military storming Nairobi mall seized by Islamist gunmen
DEBKAfile Special Report September 22, 2013

Israeli special forces joined the Kenyan military in storming the Westgate shopping mall, Sunday, Sept. 22, to break the standoff with a dozen Al Qaeda-linked Somali Al Shabaab gunmen barricaded there with hostages. The death toll from the terrorists' shooting-grenade attack Saturday has risen to 59 with 205 injured. Along with the hostages, an unknown number of injured or dead victims remains trapped in the building including foreigners. debkafile reported earlier that the AQAP-backed Somali terrorists singled out the mall to hit two targets – Kenya and Israel.

Victims of terror attack on Nairobi mall
Kenyan President: 39 killed, 150 injured in attack on Nairobi mall, by Al Shabaab. Mossad aids probe
DEBKAfile Special Report September 21, 2013

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta said 39 people were killed and 150 injured in the terrorist attack on a Nairobi shopping mall Saturday, Sept. 21. In an address to the nation, he said the operation to “neutralize” the attackers continues and the entire country has gone on terror alert. The fate of a number of Israelis, some of whom owned businesses in the mall, is still being checked, although three were reportedly rescued. A Kenyan minister reported that Israeli Mossad agents were co-opted to the investigation. Americans were among the injured.

The epic battle for Kismayo
Kenyan army’s outstanding victory over Al Qaeda’s Somali Shabaab. Israeli advisers helped
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 1, 2012

The Kenyan army has captured Somalia’s Indian Ocean port of Kismayo, driving Al Qaeda’s Somali franchise Al Shabaab from its last stronghold in a year-long ground, sea and air operation, aided by the US, France and Israel. Kismayo is key to controlling southern Somalia. DEBKA: It was the first time Israel’s military, police, intelligence and counterterrorism forces had taken part in an anti-al Qaeda offensive outside its borders. This outstanding success should also help block Iran’s push toward the Indian Ocean and East Africa.

Kenya's Raila Odinga meets PM Netanyahu in Jerusalem
Israel to help build E. African coalition against fundamentalism and Iran
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report November 15, 2011

Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga ended a visit to Israel this week with a promise from President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of help to establish a new alliance to combat the spread of fundamentalist Islam into the predominantly Christian African nations Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan. Their combined populations total 138 million. Israel agreed to supply drones, fast naval boats and electronic surveillance equipment to help Kenya "rid its territory of Islamist elements" and counter Iranian expansion.

Kenya's Secret Pact and Shared Plan with South Somali Ruler
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 28, 2011

The port of Kismayo is the key to controlling southern Somalia. Kenya's capture of both from the hands of the Islamist al Shabaab suits the plans of both Kenya's Defense minister and the ruler of southern Somali Jubaland. Members of the same clan, they signed a secret pact to collaborate for this objective. Hence, Operation Linda Nchi

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