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Trump Took Too Long to Revamp the CIA and Fire the FBI Chief
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report May 25, 2017

Brennan and Comey lost their jobs, but kept their stings and control of “anonymous sources” as weapons.

Trump’s sacking of FBI Head Comey stuns Washington
DEBKAfile Special Report May 10, 2017

James B. Comey was six and-a-half years into his ten-year tenure as FBI Director, when he was suddenly fired on Tuesday, May 9, by President Donald Trump. It comes in the middle of a congressional probe into Russia’s interference in the presidential election and the Trump campaign’s alleged involvement. The Democrats said his dismissal “raises profound questions about White House interference” in the probe. They are preparing to demand a special prosecutor into the charge, hoping it will lead to his impeachment.


Islamic “Ideological Terror” Is a Fresh Trial for the West
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 16, 2016

The ISIS leader is granting legitimacy and kudos to encourage the “ideological Islamist terrorists”.

3 articles tagged "James Comay" :

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