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Olmert Is Losing Ground in Dash for Kadima and Government Lead
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report January 11, 2006
Ehud Olmert's hand was forced to grant elder statesman Shimon Peres the No.2 position on the Kadima list, a concession the party's founder Ariel Sharon would have blocked had he remained at the helm instead of unconscious in hospital. The list Sharon reportedly sketched out before his massive stroke a week ago placed Peres in 7th place. Kadima also saw Binyamin Netanyahu as a looming threat as his Likud began narrowing the gap between the two parties. Olmert's next setback was a kite flown by Sharon's close advisers and family Wednesday Jan. 11 to place the ailing prime minister in the No. 1 slot of Kadima.
Israel Must Learn to Live without Ariel Sharon - at Least for a While
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report January 5, 2006
It soon became evident Wednesday night, Jan. 4, that prime minister Ariel Sharon was very ill indeed. After he went into emergency surgery at Hadassah Ain Karem hospital to drain the blood flooding his brain, his close aides would only say: We are praying for a miracle. Minutes after he was admitted to the hospital, acting prime minister Ehud Olmert assumed his powers. This time there was no hesitation, unlike after his stroke three weeks ago. The rabbis and religious parties added to the sense of crisis by asking the public to pray for him. Everyone began to understand that, even if the operation was a success, Ariel Sharon would not be fit to resume his duties for months - if at all.
Sharon's Kadima Is Strangely Impervious to Security Setbacks
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report December 31, 2005
Prime minister Ariel Sharon and his new Kadima party continue to crest the opinion polls. They have for the moment emerged without a scratch from the security mishaps of the past week, even though these incidents accentuate the heightened security perils preying on the country as a result of last summer's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank.
They were accompanied by the exposure in a damaging press leak of Sharon's state of health as being a lot more serious than given out by his aides after his stroke two weeks ago.
Nonetheless, the latest polls place the prime minister's one-man party Kadima miles ahead of the field with a potential 40-42 seats in the 120-member Knesset (the figures vary from poll to poll), Labor plummeting (from 22) to 16-19, and Likud climbing back to 16 and rising. Shinui (Change)'s respectable 15-mandate representation in the outgoing Knesset has melted away to 1-5. In contrast, the Russian-immigrant Israel Beitenu appears to be prospering - up from 4 to 7.
Palestinian Missile Attacks on Ashkelon Portend Environmental Catastrophe
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report December 21, 2005
Palestinian terror planners are now sending their Qassam missiles after big game: the important port-town of Ashkelon, which lies ten kilometers from the northern tip of the Gaza Strip, where the ruins of the evacuated Israeli locations of Dugit, Elei Sinai and Nisanit have been turned into handy launching sites.
Yet on Wednesday, Dec. 21, prime minister Ariel Sharon, in his first security consultation after leaving hospital, decided that diplomacy would keep Ashkelon safe from Palestinian target practice and that effective military measures could wait.
The same thinking apparently extends to the two al Qaeda cells, one sent by Abu Musab al Zarqawi in person, which took up positioning the Gaza Strip after Israel's pull-out.
Barring a change in these circumstances, Ashkelon appears doomed to suffer the same fate as battered Sderot - if not worse. The question is which Israeli city is next?
Iraq's Zarqawi Sets up Gaza Branch at Palestinian Base
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report December 19, 2005
Since early December, a branch of Abu Musab al Zarqawi's al Qaeda in Iraq has been running a forward base in Gaza City preparatory to in-depth attacks in Israel, according to debkafile's exclusive counter-terror sources. It joins the Al Qaeda-Palestine cell established some weeks ago in the Gaza Strip.
A high-ranking Israeli army officer confided to us: "For years, we fought al Qaeda in unpublicized encounters in remote places far from our borders. Now we have to admit they are here, on our very threshold." The officer went on to warn: "The conjunction of al Qaeda and Palestinian terrorist structures confronts Israel with a grave strategic threat."
A Palestinian Suicide Bombing Catches Israel's Electioneering Leaders Unawares
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report December 5, 2005
The Palestinian Jihad Islami suicide bombing that left 5 Israelis dead and 55 injured outside Netanya's Sharon shopping mall caught the Sharon government and Israel's security chiefs by surprise. debkafile's exclusive sources reveal that Israeli security forces guided by the Shin Beit believed they had wiped out a dangerous Jihad Islami cell in Jenin in weeks of raids and roundups. However, they missed one last bomb team, a dispatcher and a suicide bomber equipped with a explosive device, who eluded the dragnet. Netanya was therefore not alerted to the danger and the local police were just carrying out routine patrols.
Nasrallah's Kidnap Plan Boomerangs
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report November 22, 2005
This was the first time the Hizballah had sent a specially-trained motorbike commando unit into action. Its mission was to kidnap Israeli soldiers and bring them to Beirut for a macabre display in Lebanon's Independence Day ceremonies Tuesday, Nov. 22. This was to be an act of defiance against Israel and more particularly the anti-Syrian government. The Lebanese prime minister would not dare send troops against him to free the Israelis - even though their abduction was a brazen contravention of international law. He and his government would then be dismissed by the Lebanese people and the Arab world as nonentities.
Sharon's resignation from Likud Signals Breakup of Israel's Traditional Parties
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report November 21, 2005
Israel's creaking, turgid political system is breaking up and on the move. The decades-old Likud and Labor parties which have dominated all the national governments are crumbling. Furthermore, the "right' and "left" epithets, always imprecise and simplistic, are losing any significance.
Ariel Sharon's breakaway from Likud, an alliance of parties he himself forged 32 years ago, is the latest symptom of the disintegration. Sharon's new Party of National Responsibility is engaged in a mighty tug-o'-war with Likud over ministers, Knesset ministers and members of party institutions, who are being pulled two ways.
The first meeting of his new list, attended by 12 MKs, he promised to follow the Middle East road map, wage a relentless war on terror and refrain from further disengagements.
Ten years after Rabin's assassination, the case for conspiracy is reopened
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report November 6, 2005
As the 10th anniversary memorial ceremonies for the late prime minister Yitzhak Rabin go into high gear, more people are asking how a lone killer, the ultranationalist Yigael Amir, was able to get close enough to the heavily-guarded prime minister to shoot him in the back as he left a Tel Aviv peace rally. And if there was a conspiracy, what was the motive behind it?
The spreading skepticism about the obvious answers persuaded Dror Yitzhaki, the former head of the Shin Beit internal security services' bodyguard detail on duty at the time, to break the long silence he maintained from the time of his resignation.
Fatah Is Deeply Implicated in the Palestinian Terrorist Coalition. Egyptian Military Collaboration Is Also Present
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 31, 2005
The major battle fought through Sunday night, Oct. 30, against a Jihad Islami cell in Qabatiya, near Jenin, only partially addressed the Palestinian terror threat creeping in from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank. The al Aqsa Brigades, a wing of Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas' ruling Fatah, either led or took active part in all the terrorist strikes of late. Yet the Israeli army was not sent into action against Fatah - only later against the Jihad Islami cell that ordered the Hadera attack.
What is more, picked up with the three Palestinian "engineers" was an Egyptian "guide," familiar enough with the southern Israeli Negev region to shepherd them to Mitzpe Ramon, where they were intercepted by Israeli security police.
This discovery floored Israeli security experts who would have expected Palestinians to guide Egyptians inside Israel - not the reverse. They were appalled to find an Egyptian terrorist cell supporting al Qaeda and Palestinians operations in Sinai had planted a tentacle deep inside Israel's southern and central Negev
Palestinian Police Chief: The Palestinian Authority is a Leaky Boat
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 16, 2005
The Palestinian Authority put on a totally unreal show Sunday, Oct 16, when its spokesmen claimed to have actually prevented 17 attacks against Israelis during its first month of self-rule in the Gaza Strip. The PA asked Israel not to prevent the radical Hamas from taking part in the Palestinian Legislative Council elections next January, lest this serve to strengthen the radical Islamist movement. "Leave it to us," said Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Ereket.
The truth is that Abu Mazen's government's is no more capable of preventing attacks in the Gaza Strip than it is of handling Hamas. This was frankly brought out by the deeply worried Palestinian police chief Gen. Ala Husseini when he addressed a closed meeting of Palestinian police and security commanders Wednesday, October 12.
More Israelis May Fall under Cloud of Franklin Sting Operation
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 6, 2005
Lawrence A. Franklin, 58, former top Pentagon analyst, pleaded guilty to three felony counts as part of a plea bargain. During the plea hearing before US District Judge T.S. Ellis, in Alexandria, Va., he admitted to leaking classified information to two members of the pro-Israeli lobbying group American Israeli Public Affairs Committee - AIPAC out of frustration with government policy. He had hoped the two men, Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman - since fired from AIPAC - would pass the information on to contacts of theirs on the National Security Council and possibly get the policy changed.
The exchange in the Alexandria court pointed to undisclosed information that could bring additional Israelis into the case.
Regarding the information he passed to Naor Gilon, political officer at the Israel embassy in Washington, the former Pentagon official insisted: "I knew in my heart that his government had this information. He gave me far more information than I gave him."
A Strategic Pact between Israel and Greece
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 1, 2005
Israel and Greece are about to sign a strategic pact. It will cover arms transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars, joint military exercises and cooperation in combating terrorism. Greece is now keen on modernizing its army and turning it round to cope with Islamic terror on its borders instead of the former Turkish threat.
More Palestinian Terrorists Stream toward Gaza, Undeterred by Israeli Offensive
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 28, 2005
Fresh fuel for a future conflagration is piling up with the movement of 1,200-1,500 Palestinian terrorists from the most radical organizations, exported by Syrian intelligence from the refugee camps around Damascus since last Friday, Sept 23, to two focal points in Lebanon: the Beqaa Valley and Sidon on the southern coast.
Revealing this, debkafile's intelligence sources report the Assad regime's motives are double: first, to pre-empt Mahmoud Abbas' takeover of the Palestinian refugee camps and militias of southern Lebanon and, second, to get them out of Damascus and into Lebanon, whence they will be sent on to Sinai by sea. There, they can join the uncontrolled traffic heading into the Gaza Strip, to form a pro-Syrian Palestinian terrorist force or militia in the evacuated territory.
Sharon Buys another Six Months - Maybe
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 27, 2005
Israeli prime minister Aril Sharon's victory over his longtime rival and predecessor Binyamin Netanyahu is unquestioned, notwithstanding its narrow margin - 104 out of a nearly 3,000 ruling Likud central committee members. In 1996, Netanyahu wrested the premiership from Labor's Shimon Peres by a few thousand, but even an edge of one vote counts as a win.
But Sharon's triumph does not prove that the right-of-center party has embraced his guiding principles, as his spokesmen are claiming. The losing side led by Netanyahu and the anti-evacuation rebel leader MK Uzi Landau did after all garner very close to 50% of the vote, nearly doubling the Likud anti-evacuation rebels' strength. The rift cutting through the heart of Sharon's party since last year when he first broached his disengagement plan is more unbridgeable than ever.
Israel's Pullout-out Has Changed Nothing
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 24, 2005
The Palestinian-Israel war has blown up in force five weeks after Israel evacuated all its civilians from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank - 12 days after pulling its troops out of Gaza and one day after they exited the northern West Bank - as though nothing had changed.
The scenario was not unexpected; it was plotted by Palestinian terror chiefs.
It began when Israel failed to fight off Palestinian attacks in the course of the evacuations. That operation was plagued by shooting attacks, roadside bombs, Qassam missiles and grenade attacks on troops pulling out of the Philadelphi border route. Israel's defense minister and generals promised "zero tolerance" for Palestinian attacks - but sat on their hands.
There is no explanation of why Israel omitted to make Egypt's liquidation of the lethal stocks a condition for handing over the Philadelphi route to Egyptian border police?
Up to this minute, the border remains wide open for the free passage of terrorists and smugglers.
According to debkafile's military sources, this open door enabled the Hamas and Jihad Islami to beef up their manpower and weapons resources by one third. Incredibly, the Palestinian Authority purchased some of the smuggled goods.

Could Uzi Landau Shape up as the Likud's Dark Horse?
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 19, 2005
Even before he set out for home Monday, Sept. 19, Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon charged into combative mode against his political adversaries, using a New York meeting with Jewish leaders as his platform. He declared he had lost the majority of the party he founded because of the "lies and terrible incitement of a minority which opposed the Gaza evacuations."
The heating up of the race between Sharon and Netanyahu may even help Landau run off with the party chairmanship and prime ministerial candidacy in the Likud primaries.
He is the quintessential Mr. Clean, a rare asset that may attract the general voter even more than his being vindicated in his dire prophecies of a breakdown in national security.
Palestinian Terrorists Pour Tens of Millions into a New Arms Stockpile
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 17, 2005
The list obtained by debkafile's exclusive military and intelligence sources, contains -
1. 3,000 automatic rifles. The new supply, most of which is destined for Hamas, gives the organization a total of 10,000 Kalashnikovs, enough for thousands of new recruits.
2. Hundreds of AT-23 Sagger anti-tank missiles.
3. SAM-14 Strela anti-air missiles - quantity unknown.
debkafile's sources can reveal how and where they are getting their lethal merchandise. Iranian and Hizballah agents - as well as al Qaeda buyers - are using their contacts with local gangs of arms traffickers in Serbia, Slovakia, Montenegro, Croatia and Kosovo, to fill Palestinian stores with new weaponry.
The Palestinian Authority's security personnel and Egyptian border police are turning a blind eye to the flow of the tools of war across the border.

Egyptians and Palestinians Make a Mockery of Their Accords with Israel
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 14, 2005
The sights and scenes in Gaza Strip immediately after the Israeli troop pullback Monday, Sept 12, filled Israel's defense leaders with dread. Total loss of control was manifested by the Palestinian Authority and the Egyptian border police, who stood by as tens of thousands of Palestinians indulged in a wild orgy of destruction, burning, looting and hurling themselves back and forth across the Gazan-Egyptian border unchecked.
Long months of painstaking negotiations with Egypt, the Palestinians and the United States for coordination on post-evacuation security were trampled underfoot. IDF sources estimated Tuesday night, Sept 13, that in two days, about 20,000 Palestinians had flocked into Egyptian Sinai from the Gaza Strip - most intending to stay there - and 3,000 Palestinians had crossed into the Gaza Strip.
What Prompted Mofaz's Synagogue Mutiny?
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 11, 2005
The most intriguing question is what led Shaul Mofaz to raise the flag of mutiny against the prime minister. For eighteen months, his obedience has been almost machinelike. He activated the army against Israeli civilians for the first time in its history, lent a hand to the purging of the high command and tied the hands of military intelligence, lest they obstruct Sharon's disengagement plans for Gaza Strip.
He claims truthfully that his observant religious background held him back from sending Jews to destroy synagogues. But looking beyond this claim, debkafile's analysts find a more likely cause: he felt his loyalty had been rewarded with a kick in the teeth when Sharon last week abruptly snatched security responsibility for the Gaza Strip from the defense ministry and handed it to vice prime minister, Labor leader Shimon Peres.
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