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Ready for long-distance joint exercise with Greece
Israeli, Greek helicopters practice strikes over mountainous coasts
DEBKAfile Special Report October 11, 2010

The Israeli and Greek Air Forces embarked Monday, Oct. 11, on a joint four-day exercise code-named Minoas 2010 over Crete and the Peloponnese Peninsula, debkafile's military sources report. Both areas are characterized by long coastal strips and high mountain peaks extending into the sea, similar to some Iranian shores. Taking part are 16 Apache and Black Hawk UH-60 assault helicopters - eight Israeli and eight Greek. The Israeli choppers were refueled in mid-flight to Greece.

Turkish Chief of Staff Gen. Ilker Basburg
Israel braces for Turkish, Hizballah, Hamas reprisals. Greece halts joint drill
DEBKAfile Special Report May 31, 2010

debkafile's military sources report Israeli concerns that on top of strong diplomatic reprisals, Turkey may resort to military steps along with Hizballah and Hamas for the Israel Navy's seizure Monday, May 31, of the Turkish vessel leading the flotilla in which 9 activists died, 33 injured.  Turkish chief of staff Gen. Ilker Basbug was recalled urgently to Ankara from a visit to Egypt after Ankara threatened "unprecedented and incalculable" reprisals. Greece halted its joint exercise with Israel in protest.

Syrian missiles on the move
Syrian ballistic missiles on standby with new target updates
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report May 27, 2010

As Israel's homeland defense exercise entered its fifth and last day Thursday, May 27, debkafile's military sources disclose that all Syrian military units were placed on combat standby with missile batteries ordered to take up firing positions and armed with new "target updates." In Athens, it was announced that a joint Israeli-Greek air force exercise focusing on new in-flight refueling methods begins next Tuesday, June 1.

3 articles tagged "Israel-Greece" :

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