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Iranian mock-up of aircraft carrier.
Iran is building a mock-up of the USS Nimitz-class nuclear carrier near Bandar Abbas
DEBKAfile Special Report March 23, 2014

When President Obama sent New Year greetings to the Iranian people on March 20, US satelliteswere recording a mockup of Iran's first aircraft carrier in mid-work at the Revolutionary Guards naval base of Bandar Abbas. It was modeled on a US Nimitz-class super-carrier, which is nuclear powered, 330 meters long and carries 3,000 naval and air crew and 85-90 fighter craft and helicopters. The Iranian mockup is still crude. But, says debkafile, Iran has surprised the world before by copying, developing and operating advanced surveillance drones and cyber war capabilities.

A naval mine
Iran raises anti-US threat level. Israel's C-of-S warns of potential for regional war
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report December 29, 2011

Dep. Chief of the Iran's Revolutionary Guards Gen. Hossein Salami Thursday, Dec. 29, warned: "The United States is in no position to tell Tehran what to do in the Strait of Hormuz. Any threat will be responded [to] by threat." Earlier, a US air carrier entered the Sea of Oman where Iran is conducting a big naval drill.  In Israel, chief of staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz spoke of the mounting potential of a regional conflict, adding Israel could not afford to stay on the defensive.

Russian-Central Asian armies exercise defense of US Caspian oil fields
France: Iran faces military strike. Russia practices Iranian reprisal
DEBKAfile Special Report September 28, 2011

A US and/or Israel strike against Iran suddenly looked tangible this week following a warning of its probability by a French diplomat and a large-scale Russian-Central Asian military exercise simulating Iranian retaliation for a hypothetical strike on US-owned Caspian oil fields. A British diplomat ending his term in Pyongyang quoted North Korean officials who told him that NATO would not have attacked Libya if Muammar Qaddafi had not given up his nuclear weapons. Tehran appears to have reached the same conclusion.

Iranian warships dock at Jeddah
Two Iranian warships transit Suez for Syria, tighten siege on Israel
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 16, 2011

Twenty-four hours after Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said the Egyptian upheaval had no military connotations for Israel, the Iranian frigate Alvand and cruiser Kharg transited the Suez Canal on their way to Syria.  Wednesday night, Feb. 16, their passage was termed "a provocation" by Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman. In Beirut, Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah said he was looking forward to Israel going to war on Lebanon because then his men would capture Galilee.

Iran digs "mass graves for US soldiers"
USS Truman posted opposite Hormuz as Iranian threats spiral
DEBKAfile Special Report August 11, 2010

To meet increasingly defiant Iranian threats to US regional military forces, Washington has detached the USS Truman carrier from support duty for Afghanistan in the Arabian Sea and reassigned it to Dubai opposite the Gulf of Oman and the Straits of Hormuz with thousands of marines aboard.
IRGC Navy chief announced the introduction of twelve new torpedo and missile cruisers and speedboats equipped for striking air carriers. Another IRGC commander said mass graves had been dug for American troops.

5 articles tagged "Iranian Navy" :

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