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Shahram Amiri
Shahram Amiri - an Iranian Intelligence Pawn
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report July 16, 2010

The CIA is busy sorting out how much data was real, how much planted in Shahram Amiri's six-year career as a US double agent - and how far US and allied policy-makers were misled about Iran's nuclear program.

Turkish PM Recept Tayyip Erdogan, aspiring leader of all Muslims
Turkey and Israel in overt-covert fight to the finish
DEBKAfile DEBKA Weekly June 17, 2010

Ankara is leading a Muslim campaign for a worldwide boycott to strangle Israel. Jerusalem declares the Turkish IHH, a vital prop of its Islamic regime, a terrorist organization as dangerous as al Qaeda.
DEBKA-Net-Weekly, in its latest issue out Friday, looks at the overt battle of wills, watched helplessly from Washington - but also into the shadows, where NATO's only Muslim member is locked in clandestine combat with the Jewish state.
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Dr. Hakan Fidan, new Turkish MIT chief
Turkish troops deployed in Cyprus, top intelligence ranks Islamized
DEBKAfile Special Report June 6, 2010

Turkish PM Recep Erdogan is spoiling for more trouble with Israel, irrespective of the peaceful outcome of the Rachel Corrie incident. debkafile's sources disclose his funding of the IHH terrorist group's purchase of 8-10 large vessels for more Gaza flotillas. He has secretly replaced professional intelligence and security chiefs with Islamist cronies. Rising demand for the international probe against Israel to also focus on the Turkish government's ties with a terrorist group.

Mabhouh’s assassins
The Hamas Death in Dubai Achieved Its Goals
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 26, 2010

While eliminating the Hamas' dangerous Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, the perpetrators demonstrated their ability to access any point on the Middle East map, perform their mission and escape unharmed.

Iran captures Jund Allah leader
Iran trumpets capture of "US terror agent" Jund Allah leader
DEBKAfile Special Report February 24, 2010

Dubai figures in another intelligence affair: Tuesday, Feb. 23, an Iranian bomber forced down a Kyrgyzstan airliner to seize Tehran's most wanted fugitive, Abdol Malek Rigi, leader of the Baluchi Jund Allah underground movement.

debkafile's intelligence and counter-terror sources rate Rigi's capture one of Iranian intelligence's biggest coups and a stinging setback for Western undercover operations against the Islamic regime in Tehran.


Iran exacts a price for this friendship
Tehran lashes back at Berlin for Merkel, Peres derogatory speeches
DEBKAfile Special Report January 27, 2010

"Two German diplomats using fictitious names were arrested" last month during clashes at the Ashura festival, an unnamed Iranian deputy intelligence minister said Wednesday, Jan. 27.

During the day, Israeli president Shimon Peres told the Reichstag he was sure Germany would come to Israel's aid if it came under attack from a nuclear-armed Iran. A day earlier, Chancellor Angela Merkel said time was up for Iran and February would see new and tougher sanctions.

Obama has security chiefs on the carpet
Obama: We failed to connect the dots or act promptly
DEBKAfile Special Report January 6, 2010

 US president Barack Obama, in a speech after meeting top security chiefs, Tuesday, Jan. 5, said: We had enough information to foresee and prevent the attempted bombing [of the Northwest airliner] on Christmas day." But it was not fully analyzed or leveraged for putting the suspect on the no-fly list. "I will not accept this. We have to do better and must do it quickly."

Al Qaeda Yemen scene already seen in Gaza
US Intelligence: Gaza may be next Yemen
DEBKAfile Special Report January 5, 2010

The year 2010 will see a new Israeli military operation in Gaza - not against the Palestinian Hamas, but the al Qaeda bastions spreading across the southern Gaza Strip, say intelligence circles close to the Obama administration and the CIA. They say the strengthened al Qaeda networks in the Gaza Strip would be as menacing as their strongholds in Yemen.

Umar Farouk Abdulmetallab
Obama cites US systemic failure for Detroit plane attack
DEBKAfile Special Report December 29, 2009

US president Barack Obama, in his second speech in 24 hours, said: "Data was not shared and a systemic failure occurred. I consider that totally unacceptable."
Weeks ago, information came from the suspect's father to intelligence which was not efficiently distributed. "Bits of information with the intelligence community should have been pieced together and was not." 
Twelve hours before this speech on the failed airline bombing, debkafile ran a special analysis covering the same ground

Iranian TV headlines DEBKAfile Exclusive on US-Israel-Egyptian-Jordanian intelligence summit
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report November 22, 2009

Saturday, Nov. 14, Iran's state Press TV ran verbatim debkafile's exclusive disclosure on Nov. 12 of an extraordinary secret summit of the intelligence chiefs of four nations in Amman earlier this month to discuss the crisis over Iran's nuclear program and the possible outbreak of a regional war.
The Iranian medium gave this publication full credit for the exclusive, which ran as follows:

Mossad Chief Empowered to Prepare Groundwork for Iran Strike
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 4, 2008
By extending the Mossad director, Meir Dagan's tenure for another year until the end of 2009, Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert has put in place a vital constituent for a possible eleventh-hour unilateral strike at Iran's nuclear facilities.
In his six years on the job, the 61-year old external intelligence has proved his covert mettle in a variety of counter-terror operations, graduating most recently to a highly successful intelligence coup leading up to the demolition of Syria's North Korean plutonium reactor in al Kebir last September.
Appointed by former prime minister Ariel Sharon in 2002, Dagan's first four years as the Mossad's tenth chief were dedicated to counterterrorism rather than tracking Iran's nuclear activities or monitoring Iran's burgeoning strategic ties with Syria and Hizballah.
From mid-2006, the former general shifted the agency's priorities to include these targets, while the Mossad continued to show its fearsome counter-terror paces in Damascus, Beirut and other Arab capitals.
US Secret Service Embattled
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report May 6, 2006
The abrupt resignation (ouster?) of Porter Goss as director of the Central Intelligence Agency lays bare the rocky state of America's most prestigious secret service amid critical missions on three fronts, Iraq, Afghanistan and the war on al Qaeda. US forces are not getting to grips with either of the two segments of the Iraqi guerrilla insurgency: the mostly secular Baathists and the extremist Islamist Iraqi groups and al Qaeda. The continuous upsurge of violence in Iraq means the CIA has failed by and large to penetrate the most dangerous insurgent groups.
While the Taliban-al Qaeda rebellion rages in Afghanistan, Abu Musab al Zarqawi's Iraq wing - far from being crushed - has in the last six months opened up new terror fronts in Sinai, Egypt, Palestinian territories and Algeria.
Porter Goss started out by trying to steer the secret agency in the right direction for overcoming these grave shortcomings. His attempts to reform and shake up key personnel were quickly challenged by the upper and professional echelons, which meted out the treatment traditionally reserved for "outsiders."

The Secret Cold War Partnership between Pope John Paul II and White House Revealed
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report April 2, 2005
Pope John Paul II broke out of the conventional papal mold in many ways that will engage generations of historians. Above all, he was the most democratic of any of his predecessors, always in close rapport with Catholic communities in every corner of the globe and possessed of an unfailing instinct for the times in which he lived. But the character of his papacy was also influenced critically by a chance episode that occurred more than a year before his investiture. This unreported episode and its epic aftermath are revealed here for the first time by debkafile's and DEBKA-Net-Weekly's intelligence experts. He and Mr. Brzezinski opened a private channel between the White House and the Holy See, which National Security Council operatives dubbed the Vatican hot line. It was a link that Jimmy Carter and John Paul II soon made operational with a personal correspondence of extraordinary breadth ...an unprecedented exchange between an American Baptist president and a Polish-born Roman Catholic pontiff. "

US Intelligence Takeover of Palestinian Authority
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 14, 2005
The prominence Israel afforded the outpost report and the decision to abbreviate the evacuation period paradoxically conceals their rationale, namely, the unfolding new reality which produced them both. Last week, Lt. Gen William Ward, the newly appointed US security coordinator for Israel, Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinians, secretly moved into heavily guarded offices in central Tel Aviv, according to debkafile's exclusive military sources. He was sent post haste to Tel Aviv to take charge of the intelligence pincer already at work on the West Bank and Gaza Strip. An Egyptian military intelligence delegation led by the head of the Palestinian desk at Egyptian intelligence, General Ibrahim Bakhri, took up position in the Gaza Strip. Operating in conjunction with the Egyptians and from the same offices is a British MI6 Secret Service mission of 25 agents. The West Bank arm is run by a Jordanian military intelligence group working with an American Central Intelligence Agency team.
New US "Intel Snipers" Fielded in Iraq, IDF Undercover Unit in Gaza
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report January 19, 2005
The major US offensives waged in the Iraqi towns of Najef last June-July and Fallujah last November brought a stern lesson home to American counter-terror strategists. It is that broad-based, large-scale operations to subdue entire towns in order to eradicate terrorist hotbeds - even if successful - do not achieve their principal objective of cutting down the scale of violence emanating from those terrorists. In Iraq, the US army has deployed for the first time a 42nd Infantry Division unit known as "Intel Snipers", i.e. sniper-trained soldiers of the division's 173rd Long Range Surveillance Detachment. They are armed with newly-issued M-14 rifles which have never been surpassed as a marksman's weapon. Some 1,000 km to the west, Israel has belatedly deployed for full-scale operations behind enemy lines in the Gaza Strip the same kind of elite unit, the IDF's Shimshon Battalion 92, reinforced by scores of intelligence snipers trained to target small terrorist units.
Riddle of Hizballah Drone's Non-Interception Brought Foreign Submarine to Israeli Waters
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report November 16, 2004
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A mystery-submarine's intrusion into Israeli territorial waters last week provided the sequel for another unfinished tale: the one about Israel's failure to intercept a Hizballah drone that flew over the northern Israeli town of Nahariya on November 8.
Examination of the images the drone MIrsad-1 carried back to its senders, as shown four days later by Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah over al Manar television Friday, November 12, raises serious questions in the minds of debkafile's military sources.
For unknown reasons, the Patriot anti-missile missile battery normally posted in western Galilee to monitor Israel-Lebanese border airspace had been removed on that particular day. Deployed there was only an improved Hawk missile battery. The Patriot's radar would have spotted the Hizballah drone and transmitted the information early enough for it to be downed. Because the Hawk's radar is incapable of picking up a small flying object, the little invader-craft had at least 12 minutes for leisurely surveillance without fear of being shot down by Israel's anti-air defenses or air force.
Loss of Ofek-6 Deprives Israel of Second Spy Satellite in Critical Period
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 7, 2004
Israel's 6th Ofek (Horizon) plummeted to a watery death in the Mediterranean Sea when it was test-fired Monday, September 6, from Palmahim. Malfunction of the third stage of the Israeli-designed Shavit booster was blamed for the loss of the $50m Ofek-6, the latest in the series of spy satellites developed by a consortium led by Israel Aircraft Industries. The first was launched in 1988. Number 5 has been orbiting 300 to 700 kilometers above earth every 90 minutes for two years out of a life span of five. The latest malfunction occurred ten days after Arrow II failed to shoot down a dummy missile designed to perform similarly to the Iranian Shehab-3 intermediate missile in a test-firing off the California coast. These two failures are a grave setback to Israel's deterrent ability at a dangerous juncture. In the next two-three years, Israel will need all its resources to face Iran's advancing nuclear threat and burgeoning terrorist offensive. Ofek-6 was intended to give Israel an edge in this contest.
Clinton's Former Aide Drops Windfall in the Lap of Bush Campaign
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report July 20, 2004
Former president Bill Clinton's national security adviser, Sandy Berger, is under criminal investigation and subject to FBI searches of his home and his office since he was caught - probably by hidden cameras - purloining copies of highly classified terrorism documents and his own handwritten notes from a secure reading room at the National Archives in Washington. This event took place, according to the Associated Press, during preparations to testify at the Sept. 11 commission hearings after Clinton asked him to review and select the administration documents to be turned over to the panel. This year, Berger has been informally advising Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.
Assad Purges Armed Forces, Keeps up Anti-US Terror Front
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 22, 2004
Obeying a tradition of more than a quarter of a century, the Syrian army shifts some officers around twice a year - in summer and winter. It is a game of musical chairs with little impact on the armed forces as a whole. This time was different. On June 1, DEBKA-Net-Weekly exclusive military sources uncovered the largest single purge in the annals of Syria's armed forces that was carried out on the orders of President Bashar Assad. Forty percent of the staff officers with the general command in Damascus were dismissed or forced into retirement; half the Syrian divisional commanders in Syria and Lebanon relieved of their duties - laid off or assigned to minor staff positions in Damascus and elsewhere. The top level of the Syrian air force has been peeled off and replaced with younger men - except for the top commander and the head of its intelligence branch.
Israeli Parliamentary Intelligence Probe Misses Focus
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 28, 2004
It is not surprising that Israel's Mossad and military intelligence service - Aman - are furious over the fault-finding of a parliamentary subcommittee probing Israeli secret services` performance in the Iraq War. They have never faced open criticism before. But they also rebut some of the points as being made more for the sake of settling personal accounts than to seriously scrutinize where Israel's secret services got it wrong in the Iraq War. A conflict of orientation and objectives stands out in some of the assertions appearing in the published section of the sub committee's report, such as: "The military and political echelons are responsible for an intelligence foul-up regarding Iraq and Libya." On Libya, the panel found Israeli intelligence wanting in failing to pick up on Muammar Qaddafi's race for a nuclear weapon. That criticism, at least, is simply refuted. debkafile's intelligence sources assert: A. Israeli intelligence knew about Libya's nuclear program in fine detail. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon twice - in 2002 and 2003 - warned of the danger of Libya beating Iran to a nuclear bomb.
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