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Electricity reduced in Gaza
Military crisis in Qatar may spark Gaza outbreak
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis June 13, 2017

The electricity cutback in the Gaza Strip, engineered by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to flex muscle against Hamas rule, was just one piece on the checkerboard created by the crackdown Egypt, Saudi Arabia Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have imposed on Qatar for supporting terrorist groups like the Palestinian extremist Hamas. This is why Egypt likewise shut down power to Gaza.

Netanyahu in No Rush to Restore Ties with Turkey. Ankara Can’t Wait
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 3, 2016

After five years of hostile abuse from Ankara, the Israeli prime minister is playing hard to get against Turkey’s rush to bury the hatchet and resume normal relations. Still at issue is the Hamas operations base in Istanbul.

Hamas military spokesman Abu Obaida declares war
Hamas resumes rocket attacks on Israel, after ultimatum demanding open seaport for Gaza or war
DEBKAfile Special Report August 8, 2014

Hours before the 72-hour Gaza ceasefire was due to expire Friday morning, Aug. 8, the Palestinian Hamas’ military wing slapped down an ultimatum before Israel: Either allow the Gaza Strip to have an open seaport – which would be tantamount to lifting the Gaza blockade - or prepare for a long and brutal war of attrition with thousands of fatalities. Abu Obeida, spokesman of Hamas’ military wing, Ezz e-Din Al-Qassam, announced that their new rockets with large warheads would strike Ben Gurion airport and cut Israel off from its air transport links.

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi
Egypt’s president punishes Hamas, Jihadi Islami in Gaza, fires up strife in Palestinian government
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 7, 2014

Egyptian President Abdul-Fattah El-Sisi, before taking the oath of office on Sunday June 8, became the first regime head to strike out at the Palestinian unity government installed in Ramallah on June 24. He has strengthened the siege on its Gaza partner, Hamas. Cairo insists that the Rafah crossing stays shut unless Hamas hands control over to the Palestinian Authority, which will never happen. debkafile: This places the reconciled Palestinian partners at odds over who calls the shots in the Gaza Strip, presenting their government with the first major test of its unity.

Turkish Navy destroyer
Turkish frigates to confront Israeli vessels, disable their weapons
DEBKAfile Special Report September 12, 2011

Turkey sharply ratchets up its threat of war with Israel. Three Turkish frigates were ordered to the eastern Mediterranean and instructed to disable Israeli military ships if encountered outside Israel's 12-mile territorial waters. This was reported by Turkish naval sources Sept. 12 as Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan was due in Cairo for a controversial visit - in defiance of the Egyptian government's effort to cool the crisis in relations with Israel.

Tayyip Erdogan wants war with Israel
Erdogan drives toward armed clash with Israel. Oil and gas at stake
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 9, 2011

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan this week coolly moved his country towards an armed clash with Israel – not just over the Palestinian issue, but because he covets the gas and oil resources found opposite Israel's shores. He has ordered Turkish warships to enter the eastern Mediterranean in the belief that by breaking Israel's Gaza blockade, he will win kudos as the first Muslim leader to challenge Israel militarily on behalf of the Palestinians and Arab acclaim as the big shot of the region.

Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan on an anti-Israel vendetta
Turkey maligns Israel to freeze the IDF out of the US anti-Iran missile shield
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis September 2, 2011

For two years, Turkey has tirelessly maligned Israel, aided its enemies and schemed to destroy its army's strategic value as a key American ally. This campaign hit a serious contretemps in the UN report out Friday, Sept. 2 which justified Israel's Gaza blockade and its navy's interception of a Turkish vessel bent on breaching that blockade, although Israel was assailed for its "excessive response" to the violence of Turkish extremists.  Ankara thereupon expelled the Israeli ambassador and suspended its military accords with Israel.

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan
Erdogan again shuts the door on Israel when UN affirms Gaza blockade legal
DEBKAfile Special Report July 6, 2011

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan applied the brakes to the process of reconciliation with Israel when he learned Wednesday, July 6, that the UN inquiry commission into last year's Turkish-led flotilla had ruled Israel's naval blockade on Gaza legal. Eight Turks and a Turkish-American were killed in a clash with Israeli commandos who boarded the Mavi Marmora. The UN ruling meant that Israel was within its rights and the Turkish vessel's attempt to break the blockade was illegal. 

Turkish peace activists aboard the Marmora
Israeli probe: Gaza blockade, flotilla's interception were legal
DEBKAfile Special Report January 23, 2011

Despite the regrettable loss of life, Israeli soldiers acted professionally, with restraint and purely in self-defense against the violent resistance they encountered aboard the Turkish Mavis Marmora on May 31, 2010. Their interception of a flotilla aiming to break Israel's naval blockade of the Gaza Strip was legal under international law and so is Israel's naval blockade on Gaza. The nine deaths followed hostile Turkish IHH action against the Israeli boarding unit.

Libyan-chartered vessel stalled
Gaza ship prompts US senators' demand for BP-Libya probe
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report July 14, 2010

Muammar Qaddafi's son Seif al Islam may have made too much of a splash by consigning the MV Almathea (Al Amal) to challenge Israel's Gaza blockade: As Israeli warships encircled the ship Wednesday, July 14, a group of US Democratic senators' interest was drawn to his international charity which commissioned the expedition and called for its links with BP to be investigated.
The ship is now on a westerly course for Egyptian El Arish - or Libya.

The stop-go Lebanese Julia
ME war tensions mount over Gaza-bound "enemy ships." Hizballah pledges reprisal
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 24, 2010

Ominous clouds gathered over the Mediterranean Thursday, June 24 after Israel announced that ships bound for Gaza would be deemed "enemy vessels" and halted by its navy. Hizballah shot back with a threat of violent retaliation, while Israel's northern commander warned the IDF was prepared to deal with threats from Lebanon by "appropriate means."
Fearing war, Lebanese PM Saad Hariri acted to stall the sea campaign.

The Juliais is stalled at Beirut port
Gaza sea blockade upheld by US, EU as Israel eases land siege
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 20, 2010

Barring surprises, the sea campaign against Israel's naval blockade of Gaza spearheaded by Turkey may have run its course, debkafile's Middle East sources report. Beirut is close to abandoning the Lebanese convoy, Damascus has turned away requests to use its ports, Cyprus is negative and even the Iranian expedition appears snarled. In the last 24 hours, Israel won US, European and Mahmoud Abbas' support for its sea blockade after its cabinet approved the delivery of all civilian goods to Gaza over land.

Shin Beit Director Yuval Diskin
Shin Bet chief warns against lifting Gaza siege. Hamas has 5,000 missiles
DEBKAfile Special Report June 15, 2010

Shin Beit (Israel's internal security service) director Yuval Diskin sternly warned Tuesday, June 15, that the steps embarked on by prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu and defense minister Ehud Barak to ease the Gaza siege gravely imperiled Israel's security.
Transferring inspections of Gaza-bound vessels from the Israeli Navy to international monitors or foreign ports would leave Israel wide open to a "gigantic security breach." On land, he said, Hamas had piled up 5,000 missiles, a few of which could reach Tel Aviv.

Gaza Port prepares for end of Israeli blockade
Netanyahu yields on Gaza blockade as well as flotilla probe
DEBKAfile Special Report June 14, 2010

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, after responding to US pressure for establishing an independent public probe of the May 31 flotilla incident, is also quietly falling back under the international clamor to ease the sea and land siege of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip by installing international supervisory mechanisms in place of the Israeli military and navy.

debkafile's political sources note for the first time, Israel has exposed its military activities to a public probe in which international figures take part.

VP Joe Biden and Mubarak discuss ending Gaza siege and Netanyahu government
US twists Israel's arm to placate Erdogan, destabilize Netanyahu
DEBKAfile Special Report June 9, 2010

The US military engineers helping Egypt build a steel anti-smuggling wall along the strategic Philadelphi Route dividing Gaza from Sinai were suddenly recalled this week, debkafile's military sources report, during the talks President Joe Biden and Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak held in Sharm el-Sheikh. Anxious to placate Turkey, Washington abandoned its half-a-billion dollar investment in the steel wall and turned to reviewing the Netanyahu government's future.

Ahmadinejad to Erdogan: Now it's our turn to challenge Israel
Iran's Gaza-bound ships ready for clash with Israel - Ahmadinejad
DEBKAfile Special Report June 8, 2010

Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad assured Turkish leaders whom he met in Istanbul Tuesday, June 8 that Iranian "aid" vessels heading for Gazan waters within days will not shrink from a head-on clash with Israel.  On the Turkish-Israeli conflict, he said it would "change many issues in the world and mark the final countdown for Israel's existence."
debkafile reports Iranian and Turkish leaders agreed to synchronize the hoped-for clash with the Security Council sanctions vote - as a stunt for heading it off.

Turkey buries victims of Kurdish PKK attack, suspects Israeli hand
Israel, Turkey, Gaza in covert sea war. Hamas frogmen thwarted
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 7, 2010

Israel, Turkey and the Hamas have quietly embarked on a war at sea, debkafile's military sources report. Monday, June 7, Israeli commandos intercepted Hamas frogmen heading for a large-scale seaborne attack on an Israeli target and at least four were killed. Turkey is investigating suspicions of a covert Israeli hand behind the deadly Kurdish terrorist attack on its Iskenderun base on May 31. Our sources disclose that Ankara posted anti-air missiles there in mid-May to protect Syria and Hizballah against potential Israeli air strikes.

Pro-Hamas US activists launch voyage to Gaza with Palestinian olive oil
Ankara threatens to break relations unless Israel apologizes
DEBKAfile Special Report June 4, 2010

Turkey threatened Friday, June 4 to break off relations unless Israel apologizes for the commando raid on its flotilla as prime minister Recep Erdogan hurled more abuse on Jerusalem and declared: "I do not think Hamas is a terrorist organization." Earlier, Israel offered offer to allow pro-Hamas activists aboard the Rachel Corrie to monitor its civilian freight's entry to the Gaza Strip - to no avail. A tape just released recorded Turkish activists on flotilla as saying before attacking Israeli commandos: "Remember September 11."

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