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Iran's nuclear clock is ticking. Is anyone listening?
Where are Obama and Netanyahu's nuclear clocks?
DEBKAfile Special Report December 26, 2012

While running for reelection, Barack Obama said an Iranian “breakout capacity” must be averted because it meant Tehran could quickly assemble a nuclear weapon before US or Israeli intelligence caught on and had time to intervene. debkafile: Iran is widely presumed to have passed this stage already, and so “breakout capacity” is just another red line to be blown away by Tehran. The talk of 2013 being a critical year for preempting Iran’s nuclear capacity is nothing but election spin.

Barack Obama and Ali Khamenei
Is the US Secretly Sugaring its Oil Embargo against Iran?
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report May 24, 2012


Delaying an attack on Iran as Barak Obama wants means that Iran will continue to enrich uranium at will. It is already achieving its second goal or diminished sanctions thanks to the concessions offered by the US president.

Dennis Ross
Tehran Flexes Muscle, Shrugs off Sanctions
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 17, 2012

Tehran was always willing to talk, less to listen. This time, Iran is preparing to enter into negotiations from a position of strength after demonstrating that US and European sanctions have not had the effect of blocking the bulk of its oil exports.

Gen. Martin Dempsey
US Refuses to Co-Opt Israel to a Military Strike against Iran
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report January 12, 2012

The US and Israel, while bound tightly by military bonds, are at loggerheads over Iran. The Obama administration wants to cut Israel out of military action against Iran's nuclear sites and prevent it hitting back for an Iranian reprisal. Israel is withholding a commitment to abstain from striking Iran unilaterally.

Barack Obama and Ehud Barak
Tehran Embarks on Nuclear Weaponization
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report December 22, 2011

Barack Obama set about tightening US cooperation with Israel after discovering Iran had embarked on nuclear weaponization. He was persuaded by Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak that there was no time to lose for eradicating Iran's nuclear program – hence the White House flip-flop on attacking Iran.

Barack Obama and Ehud Barack in Maryland
Iran starts building a nuclear weapon: US and Israel tighten cooperation
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report December 22, 2011

Iran has embarked on "activities related to possible weaponization," said American sources Thursday, Dec. 22, thereby crossing the Obama administration's red line. This accounts for the dramatic reversal of the US administration's wait-and-see policy on attacking Iran, as articulated this week by Leon Panetta and top US soldier, Gen. Martin Dempsey. debkafile reports the US and Israeli are now in sync on action against Iran and have tightened cooperation.

Dennis Ross
US to Care for Israeli, Saudi Security Needs – But Freezes Them Out of Role in Policy-Making
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report December 15, 2011

Retired presidential adviser Dennis Ross in his first public appearance reveals that Barack Obama has charted a new Mid East policy which cares fully for Israeli, Saudi security needs but freezes them out of Washington policy-making. The Palestinian issue is put on ice indefinitely.

Binyamin Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman
Netanyahu Shifts to Solo Policy-Making, Drops Advisers and Turns to Lieberman
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 24, 2011

Prime Minister Netanyahu has dropped his long-time ally and partner-in-policymaking Defense Minister Ehud Barak and turned to hardline Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman as his only adviser. But essentially, Bibi has dispensed with a circle of advisers and taken over the solo lead in all defense affairs and important foreign relations.

Tehran Prosecutor Abbas Jafari-Dolatabadi
Iran accuses 7 spies - two for links with Israel
DEBKAfile Special Report October 26, 2010

The Tehran Prosecutor General announced Tuesday, Oct. 26 that two people would go on trial for collaborating with Israeli intelligence - in addition to the five arrested earlier on charges of contacts with foreign intelligence services. He did not identify any of the seven accused, stressing only that they had all received large sums of money.

debkafile's sources link the arrests to the loading of fuel into the Bushehr reactor earlier that day.

Senior Obama adviser Dennis Ross
War preparations advance around and in Iran
DEBKAfile DEBKA Weekly October 26, 2010

The US is building up naval, air force and marine strength around Iranian shores as Barack Obama's aide Dennis Ross reiterates his determination to keep the Islamic Republic from acquiring nuclear arms. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Iran, Hizballah and Hamas are also deep in military preparations, fearing a war eruption in weeks or months - as DEBKA-Net-Weekly reveals in its coming issue out Friday with hitherto unpublished disclosures. 
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