2 articles tagged "Baghdad terror"
Propping up US-Iraqi Mosul flop exposed Baghdad
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis December 31, 2016

US and Iraqi military reinforcements were rushed this week to the crumbling Mosul front line to prop up the few positions still held by the Iraqi army and prevent the US-backed offensive from crashing into defeat at ISIS hands.

Al Qaeda terror rips through Baghdad's Sadr City
Saudi Arabia's two faces for al Qaeda - in Yemen and Iraq
DEBKAfile Special Report November 6, 2010

Saudi intelligence, while giving Washington, Berlin and London three early warnings of an impending Al Qaeda -Yemen airborne terror offensive, was itself deeply immersed in the kingdom's back yard organizing, mustering bombers and arming Al Qaeda-Iraq for its biggest operation in the Middle East - the storm of anti-Shiite, anti-Iran violence which swept Baghdad Tuesday, Nov. 2 and left some 130 dead and 300 injured. Shiite Sadr City took the brunt of the attacks.

2 articles tagged "Baghdad terror" :

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