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Israeli Air Force takes out 40 mosques-cum-rocket stores, brings new drone into Gaza operation
A mosque in Gaza after Israeli bombardment
A mosque in Gaza after Israeli bombardment
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Jul 31, 2014, 1:42 PM (IDT)

The Israeli Air Force destroyed 40 mosques converted into rocket and arms stores inside Gaza Tuesday night, July 20. Ending the rocket threat is deemed as important as the destruction of terror tunnels. Both projects continue apace as the IDF prepares for an order to terminate the ground stage of the Gaza operation. The air force brought forward the battlefield debut of the new Hermes 900 UAV, known as “Star,” to take advantage of its exceptional ability to perform surveillance and communication work at high altitudes while carrying a heavy weapons load.

A Troika Runs the Gaza War: Abdullah, Sisi and Netanyahu
Their regional pact insulates Israel against sharp international censure.
US Ceasefire Ploy Deepens Rift with Saudi Arabia and Egypt
Facing inflexible Egypt, Kerry turns to Hamas Patron Qatar to soften its leader Khaled Meshaal.
Iron Dome, Windbreaker Are Gaza Operation’s Successes
The sophisticated IDF fighting machine is slowed down by hands-on politicians and regional cooperati
IDF Gen. Sami Torjeman, commander of Gaza operation
IDF Gen. Sami Torjeman, commander of Gaza operation
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report
Jul 30, 2014, 9:30 PM (IDT)

Three Israeli soldiers were killed and 27 injured in the Gaza Strip Wednesday, July 30, the 23rd day of Israel’s counter-terror operation. The cabinet has decided to expand the Gaza mission. Maj. Gen. Sami Torjeman, OC Southern Command, told reporters that the soldiers had fought “stubbornly,” and “seriously impaired” Hamas’ strength. They had won every one of their direct engagements with Hamas. Hundreds of enemy fighters have been killed, including scores of Hamas’ elite troops and some of their commanders who were hunkered down in hideouts.


Israeli Air Force bombards Gaza
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis Jul 30, 2014, 12:12 PM (IDT)

Despite the rush of diplomats and analysts declaring that an imminent ceasefire would soon stamp out the fighting in Gaza, the war refuses to end. But they overlook the conflict acquiring a religious dimension and fresh impetus. 

A Hamas terror tunnel
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis Jul 29, 2014, 3:25 PM (IDT)

That nine of the 10 Israeli servicemen killed in the counter-terror operation against Hamas Monday, July 28, died on Israeli soil was a wake-up call for Israel’s war leaders, indicating that Hamas had grabbed the initiative.

DEBKAfile Special Report Jul 29, 2014, 8:35 AM (IDT)

Israel's war leaders witheld the order to the IDF to advance to the next stage of its counter-terror ampaign - even after a day of deadly coordinated attacks by Hamas at the cost of 10 soldiers' lives.

DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis Jul 28, 2014, 12:05 AM (IDT)

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was wavering Sunday, July 27, between sticking with his understanding with Saudi Arabia and Egypt to crush Hamas, at the cost of a deep rift with Washington, or going along with Kerry, at the cost of Israel’s security against dangerous terrorists.



DEBKAfile Video Dec 29, 2013

US weapons and Iranian Al Qods officers join the Iraqi army in a major anti-al-Qaeda offensive to foil Al Qaeda’s plan for its first caliphate across the Syrian-Iraqi frontier - but also to buttress the pro-Iranian Shiite crescent arching over the region. 

DEBKAfile Video Aug 17, 2013

Top US soldier Gen. Martin Dempsey has just inaugurated Centcom’s Forward Command in Jordan manned by 273 US officers. It is linked to US, Israel, Jordanian and Saudi air commands ready for an order from President Barack Obama to impose a partial no-fly zone over Syria.

DEBKAfile Video Jun 26, 2013

Shortly after DEBKA aired a special video on the Syrian war’s widening circle, Moscow announced Wednesday June 26, the evacuation beginning Friday of all Russian military and diplomatic personnel from Syria was complete, including its naval base at Tartus. 

DEBKAfile Video Apr 24, 2013

Tamerlan Tsarnaev established links with al Qaeda’s Caucasian networks for terrorist attacks in America, starting with the Boston bombings. In 2011, Russian intelligence notified the FBI that he was on their watch list and it remains the most promising source of further intelligence

An intelligence decrypt
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Jul 26, 2014

Before it ended with Hamas rocket fire Saturday night, July 26, the 12-hour Israel-Hamas ceasefire offered Israeli intelligence a rare opportunity for collecting enemy data.  In the heat of battle, the IDF and its clandestine arms were unable to gain electronic and SIGINT access to the underground Hamas and Islamic Jihad command and control centers, which appear to be well equipped with complex tactical and encrypted communications systems. Now they must go for Hamas’ sophisticated intelligence production processing system, elements of which may have broken surface during the ceasefire.  

DEBKAfile Special Report Jul 25, 2014

Israel’s security and policy cabinet in Jerusalem and Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip and Qatar Friday, July 25, decided to reject the “humanitarian” seven-day ceasefire put before them by US Secretary of State John Kerry. Israel has not fully achieved the goals of Operation Defensive Edge, although its troops have gained a small advantage, while Hamas is still confident of victory. Kerry hoped his truce initiative would prevent the war’s escalation. It did not work. The IDF now awaits its next orders, while Hamas is preparing its next moves.

The Armored Shield Protection-Active Trophy aka Windbreaker
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis Jul 24, 2014

While talking tough, Hamas is keen on a “humanitarian” ceasefire – not out of sudden concern for Gaza’s civilians but in desperation for an answer to the Chariot-4 tank’s Armored Shield Protection-Active Trophy missile defense system, the Windbreaker. The Russian Kornet-E and the 9M113 Konkurs guided missiles which Hamas has fired against them don’t leave a scratch. Hamas fears that the IDF’s 401st armored brigade’s tanks, the only ones fitted with this armor, will spearhead Israel’s decisive assault on its underground high command, and has asked Tehran to find a counter-measure.

DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis Jul 23, 2014

Senior IDF commanders said Wednesday July 23 that it was time for a decisive war move. Dismantling Hamas’ tunnel network would take weeks, they said, but the critical encounter for completing their mission and bringing the war to a close remained to be fought after three key IDF victories: The battle for Shejaiya grabbed the headlines, but the confrontations in Rafah and Khan Younes in southern Gaza were just as important. The commanders urge a large-scale assault on the subterranean complex housing Hamas’ top military command.

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