Palestinian terror in Halamish
This is a war for sovereign control of Temple Mt
The Palestinians are using their customary terror tactics to support their grab for sovereignty over Temple Mount and Jerusalem and force Israel to concede.
Jul 22, 2017, 8:41 AM (IDT)
“Izra” Is the Secret Code for US-Russian Cooperation in Syria
It is at this remote venue, that the two powers quietly chart their joint policies in Syria.
Fifth US Air Base in Construction in Syria – out in the desert
The new base will support the US garrison in the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian border triangle.
Where Have 30,000 Jihadis Gone?
Even after winning back Raqqa and Mosul, the victors have lost 30,000 missing jihadis.
Police video tape prior to Temple Mount attack
DEBKAfile Special Report Jul 20, 2017, 6:26 PM (IDT)

Israeli police published the video Thursday,July 30, ahead of Muslim Friday prayers as a reminder that the crime committed at Islam’s third most sacred site was a terrorist attack staged by Muslims – not the metal detectors which Israel installed for its safety. To drown this truth out, the Palestinians and Waqf officials have raised a worldwide uproar against those detectors. Jordanian and Saudi intelligence point at Hizballah for orchestrating the attack.

DEBKAfile Special Report Jul 19, 2017, 8:58 PM (IDT)

As Russian troops began moving into the Quneitra ceasefire sector opposite Israel’s Golan border on Wednesday, July 19, they found they were in hot competition with Israel over … humanitarian aid for the sector’s rebel-held villages. The villagers were better fed and cared for than Syrian civilians on any other of the country’s warfronts. 

Russians ready to move into Quneitra
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Jul 18, 2017, 11:03 AM (IDT)

Russian army units are preparing to move into the Syrian town of Quneitra in the coming days and take up positions opposite the Syrian-Israeli Golan border, DEBKAfile reports exclusively. Their function is to police the second zone of southwestern Syria designated for a ceasefire by Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin when they met in Hamburg on July 7.Quneitra is just 5km from Israel’s border and the line of IDF positions defending it.

US Special Forces in Jordan
DEBKAfile Special Report Jul 17, 2017, 7:04 PM (IDT)

A Jordanian soldier, Sgt. Marik al-Tuwayha, has been sentenced to life in prison with hard labor for killing three US military trainers last November as their vehicles approached the al-Jafr airbase where they were training Jordanian army troops in counter-terror tactics. The victims were Staff Sgt Matthew Lewellen, from Missouri, Staff Sgt Kevin McEnroe from Arizona and Staff Sgt James Moriarty, from Texas. Their families charged the trial was rigged for a cover-up to conceal the killer's motive..



DEBKAfile Special Report Jul 17, 2017

Israel waited 10 days from Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin’s announcement in Hamburg of their ceasefire plan for southwestern Syria along the borders with Jordan and Syria, before proclaiming its “total opposition” to the plan. After finding Hizballah was allowed to remain in Daraa, the first demilitarized zone, Israel fears this format will next be applied to Quneitra on its Golan border.

DEBKAfile Special Report Jul 15, 2017
Jerusalem's Old City after terror attack

Pressure on Israel from the Arab world to reopen Temple Mount and its mosques for Muslim prayer without delay has been strongly countered by the Israeli police and security authorities. They need more time to complete their investigation of the scene of the terror attack, Friday, July 14, in which two Israeli officers on guard were shot dead and a third injured. Nevertheless, the site will be reopened Sunday – albeit in stages.

DEBKAfile Special Report Jul 14, 2017

Israeli security officials and experts have been trying hard to blunt the impact of the terrorist shooting attack on Friday, July 14 at the Lion’s Gate entrance to Temple Mount, in which two Israeli border police officers were murdered and a third injured. However, this event has extraordinary broad and grave resonance – even for Jerusalem which had – and still has – more than its share of terror. 

DEBKAfile Special Report Jul 14, 2017

Armed Palestinians burst out of the Temple Mount Plaza early Friday and opened fire on Israeli police guarding the Lion’s Gate, the main entrance leading into the plaza of the holy site. Three police officers were injured, two critically.  Three terrorists killed in fire fight.

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Jul 12, 2017

Russian troops stepped into southern Syria for the first time Wednesday, July 13, when they entered the town of Daraa to start enforcing the partial ceasefire agreed by Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in Hamburg on July 7.  debkafile’s military sources report this exclusively. As they moved in, Syrian army tank units and Hizballah withdrew.


Avi Gabay, new Labor Party leader
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis Jul 11, 2017

It was quickly apparent from Avi Gabay’s overlong acceptance speech after winning the Labor primary Monday, July 10, that the new party leader is no Emmanuel Macron. A pleasant man of 50, who honestly entertains the best of intentions, he was greeted with delight by his overwhelmingly youthful supporters. But he lacks political experience and has a long way to go before toppling Netanyahu.

DEBKAfile Special Report Jul 10, 2017

Less than 24 hours after the US-Russian sponsored ceasefire went into force in southwest Syria, it broke down early Monday, July 10, when large-scale Syrian army and Hizballah forces launched a general offensive on Syrian rebel forces in the Al Suweida province. This region was listed with Quneitra and Daraa as one of three demilitarized locations covered by the truce.  

DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis Jul 9, 2017

The ceasefire which Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin agreed should go into effect in along southwestern Syria’s borders with Jordan and Israel on Sunday, July 9, is a hodgepodge of unknown factors. Whether or not it holds is of less concern to Israel than the military presence of Iranian and Hizballah forces on its borders. No word yet from Tehran, Damascus or Beirut on where they stand.

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